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quadcopter, also called a quadrotor helicopter or quadrotor, is a multirotor helicopter that is lifted and propelled by four rotors. Quadcopters are classified as rotorcraft, as opposed to fixed-wing aircraft, because their lift is generated by a set of rotors. Quadcopters generally use two pairs of identical fixed pitched propellers; two clockwise and two counter-clockwise. These use independent variation of the speed of each rotor to achieve control. By changing the speed of each rotor it is possible to specifically generate a desired total thrust; to locate for the centre of thrust both laterally and longitudinally; and to create a desired total torque, or turning force.Its amazing maneuverability and the ease to fly in constricted locations have achieved itself a remarkable position in the aviation sector.

Workshop on Quadcopter:
It is a 2 day workshop which explored the creation of Quadcopter using Arduino: control of motors, motion and behaviors which help participants understand the concepts and use of Gyro/accelerometer sensor, microcontrollers and wireless communication in designing and controlling them with Arduino.